In 1999, we chose to start our own tree nursery. This way, we can manage everything ourselves and guarantee high quality.


We started out growing conifers in our nursery. We're usually growing the following three varieties:

  • Picea glauca Conica (Also known as dwarf Alberta spruce or dwarf white spruce)
  • Chamaecyparis (false cypress, recognisable by its narrow columnar shape)
  • Chamaecyparis Top Point (evergreen and hardy)

These three varieties are set up in three different pot sizes (9, 13 and 15 cm), allowing PT Nurseries to offer a wide range of products. They are mainly used for our Christmas arrangements. A large part will be snow-covered and decorated.

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In 2020, the nursery was separated from PT-Creations and given a new name: PT-Nurseries Ltd. This separation resulted in our employee Arthur Nowak being promoted to co-shareholder of the nursery.


By keeping everything in-house and paying close attention to sustainability, we have primed our nursery for the future.

MPS-ECAS Certification

PT-Nurseries has obtained the globally recognised environmental certificate: MPS-ECAS. Download the certificate here.

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