Due to years of growth and an increase in stocks, PT-Creations decided in 2016 to set up an external warehouse at the Veensesteeg Noord industrial estate. This allowed us to house all the stocks that were kept at three different locations together under one roof.

Doubling the storage capacity

A 4000 m² warehouse with a state-of-the-art storage system with mobile shelving became a reality. In the context of space-saving construction, this system almost doubled the storage capacity and provided more than 7,000 pallet spaces.

Construction phase 2

As growth continued unabated, it soon became apparent that we needed to start thinking about a next construction phase. In 2019, construction phase 2 began. This space has an area of more than 5,000m². This provided us with an additional 7000 pallet spaces. The extra space also allowed us to produce large orders at this location so that we did not have to use the capacity of our production space in Wijk en Aalburg.

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Because we have created extra space, we now also help other companies store their goods. This made us decide to establish PT-Warehousing as a service provider in our region. With six loading and offloading docks, there are sufficient traffic possibilities to handle all incoming and outgoing goods.

Are you looking for storage space for goods?
Then please get in touch with Marco Vos, our contact person at PT-Warehousing.