PT-Creations is a modern company in which an amazing collection is always put together with innovative and contemporary ideas. With us, you will find everything under one roof. Thanks to our own imports from various countries, we are always able to combine the very latest trends in ceramics, baskets and glass. With a great diversity of products, PT-Creations is a supplier for various distribution channels, such as garden centres, florists, exporters, retailers, wholesalers and carriers.




In 1991, Peter Timmermans and his son Mark founded Handelskwekerij Peter Timmermans in Werkendam. At that time, Peter Timmermans already had 22 years of experience in the plant trade and the cultivation of conifers.

Peter, Mark and cousin Nico started working as conditioned truck drivers and drove weekly plant routes. The house and garden plants were sold directly from the truck. In 1996 the company moved to Veen to be able to expand further. This quickly proved to be a good choice, and the company continued to grow steadily.


Three years later, it was already time for the next step. In 1999, the new hall and greenhouse were built in Wijk en Aalburg. As a result, everything was centralised at one location, and it was possible to work efficiently.


Plant arrangements 


In 2004, there was an increasing demand for plant arrangements. This was the reason for Mark to take his first steps in this world. A hectic time followed. During the day, Mark drove his route past various customers and started working overtime making plant dishes. This quickly resulted in hiring staff to meet customer demands. Years of strong growth followed.


A major expansion was carried out in 2014 and our current building was created. Production areas and additional storage capacity were added to facilitate the production process. After the addition of PT-WarehousingPT-Nurseries and PT-Living, we are future-proof and can provide our customers with the best possible service.



Our building in Wijk en Aalburg also contains a showroom. In this showroom, you will find examples of our arrangements. Make an appointment here to visit us.


Cash & Carry Veen


It is also possible to use Cash & Carry. PT Creations has a hall in Veen. In addition to ordering digitally and by telephone, it is possible to place an order directly and take it with you. PT-Veen is located at Verre Weide 1 in Veen.




We have a number of our own modern trucks to transport our products. Just like the policy within our company, these trucks are as clean as possible and the least harmful to the environment. Every day, we supply our customers and auctions, and we collect our fresh products from the growers we work with. On arrival, our incoming goods (import of decoration material) are transferred to small ships in the port of Rotterdam and transported to a terminal in Gorinchem. From there, we transport the containers with our own vehicles to the warehouse in Veen.